Can read online books,find useful programs for kids education in different domains(mathematics,geography,literature,science and more)

Free See maps and geographic locations from
Free Manage the time for prayers and be more
Free Manual learn how to use Vista OS
Free Use it to learn language translate
Free View our planet in real time
Free English dictionary with synonyms and
Free World atlas with data about contries
Free Generate a view of solar system in 3D
Free Easily learn guitar
Free View the Universe discover planets
Trial Predict if you will have male or female
Trial Frequency generator
Trial Listen the words in English with US or
Trial See route and road directions Terrain
Trial Improve your iTunes and manage music
Trial View entire maps
Trial Test your IQ and measure intelligence
Trial Schedule Class Timetables in Schools
English dictionary with synonyms and
August 4, 2014
Learn to type and make tests
June 16, 2014
Learn to type on computer keyboard
June 16, 2014
Test and improve keyboard typing skills
June 16, 2014
All combinations of characters to
June 16, 2014
Receive live data in Fahrenheit or
May 22, 2014
View weather anywhere in United States
May 22, 2014
View weather prediction and current data
May 22, 2014
Easily learn guitar
May 22, 2014
Wrote notes for songs
May 22, 2014
Electronic analogical and digital simulation
Dont need grammar or spelling checkers? Just would like a quick place to go for
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