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Now can play audio and video applications
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Latest update: April 26, 2013

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Written by Andrei David
You can install basic codecs in the same time with GOM installation.Can run in normal mode ,high quality or TV output mode .You can use internal audio or video codecs .Select the audio channel for speakers (2 channels,4,5.1 channel or 5/PDIF). Can read video movie files (avi,divx),cell phone or digital camera (MP4,K3G),dvd files ,Windows Media files (ASF,WMA,WMV),Real Media files (RM) plus MPEG,NTV,VQB).Gom is a powerful competitor for Winamp.
Can set the font size for subtitles and thread priority (normal or high).Program preferences :

1. General settings
- show tips , launch multiple windows,change the skin,choose a logo and use this player like a browser,set mouse and keyboard options and define update settings .

2. Playback
Playback allow to check multimedia keyboard support ,play in full screen when playing ,close media files when stopped ,set the task priority etc .Can set the DVD starting point and time jump.

3. Subtitle
Customize Subtitle options choosing display method(TV out or overlay),set color and opacity, set size ,font and quality of subtitles.

4. Video
Here can set the contrast,brightness,saturation and overlay ; set output type and select ratio.

5. Audio
Can enable equalizer for sounds ,enable normalizer ,play AC3 audio,select channel for speakers,set dynamic range compression and expand audio channel .Can emphasize or remove voice filter,set delay or configure extra stereo effect .

6. Filter
Can choose source filter for ASF or use WM ASF reader .

With right click on the Gom Player main window toy have quick access to these options .While playing , you can stop,pause or forward;also,can see the time for a melody and edit the playlist. Online help can be find on producer site.

Author Description

GOM player with is a popular audio and video codec program. Supports almost all codecs (AVI, DAT, DivX and others) with its own embedded codec read more..

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