Make phone calls from the Internet and chat online
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Written by Andrei David
Is a messenger and have a large popularity for free calls option.How Skype is working ? It is simple to create an Account (you need name and password).In the main menu yoy have:File (here you can change the online status in SkypMe,Away,Not available etc; edit your profile;personalise picture and ringtone;change password and privacy options), Account (can set the phone and microphone,your webcam or buy a skype credit),Call (test call sending calls to this program,adjusting sound settings,hang up or start a phone conference),Chats (you can start a chat with a group or a public chat), View (tabs,panels,accessibility),Tools (add or edit contact,call forwarding,send SMS messages or money)
- Help (check updates and get help manual)

What Skype have in plus than AIM or Google Talk? Beside classic messaging and chats, the big advantages of using it ( are the phone calls.You select the country who you are dialing and enter the phone number with area code .To call a normal number (including mobile) you need to buy a credit. The calls Skype to Skype are free.

You can view the history of the calls and search users with businesses around your interests.You can join public rooms and listen online conversations or join cast. Have a guide about how to improve the sound quality in online conversations.Also, you can transfer a call in any moment .You can send files or block unwanted users.
You can play games too (some are pre selected). Call conference guide: select start conference and than select pressing Ctrl the participants. You can remove a participant or to add new.

Call Forwarding means when you are not online and receive calls , skype will redirect these calls to the desired number .You can save a number of minutes after than will forward the call. Voice Mail mean will send a reply if you are not able to respond to a message. You can allow anyone to contact you or just the persons from your address book.Configure the time after i am away or I am not available will appear.

Pros: Free phone calls
Have many users and is well know

Author Description

Skype is software for calling other people on their computers or phones. The calls have excellent sound quality and are highly secure with end-to-end encryption. read more..

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Good by Layla Hamilton, 2011-12-16 17:17:54

By far the best chat-software out there. My friends and I are always chatting on it throughout the day. Great product, highly recommended!

Good for phone calls by Anthony, 2011-10-14 10:31:29

It is very good tool to call by internet phone. It is useful and cheap.

Good to call from internet by Arianne, 2011-03-16 23:30:58

It is very useful to call ISD. Calls are without interruptions and is working in the same time with web cam, live. Just great.

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