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February 8, 2009
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It is a completely automated frontend for converting DVD, PVA and AVI files to SVCD. By completely automated, I mean, you just select the file or dvd you want converted and hit GO, everything else is taken care of by the frontend.
It is a combined frontend for various tools that you need when you're about to convert your DVD movies into SVCD or DVDR format.
Basically you should be able to put your DVD in your DVD-ROM drive, open the frontend, wait (for a relatively long time) and have a ready and finished SVCD or DVDR movie.

Program also supports encoding PVR files into SVCD format as well as converting AVI files into SVCDs (although re-encoding DivXs into SVCDs should be discouraged as much as possible, because of the quality issues this method raises).
Excellent tool and highly recommended, even that it is relatively hard to understand without the basic knowledge of video terminology and slang related to DVD ripping.

We strongly recommend reading the attached readme.txt before proceeding with this program!

Combines many programs together: vStrip to rip the DVD (best ripper around), DVD2AVI to create a DVD2AVI project, Mpeg2dec and Avisynth for the fastest frameserving from DVD2AVI to CCE, BeSweet for high quality audio processing, video encoding in CCE, TMPG or Procoder, then applying pulldown flag in case of an NTSC video, multiplexing video and audio using bbMPEG and finally creating SVCD images for burning using VCDImager.
Furthermore DVD2SVCD supports multiple audio streams and selectable subtitles (the latter only works on standalone players).
The program comes as a complete package that contains all the free softwares required. You only have to add CCE SP or TMPG.

Features :

- Convert DVD to SVCD
- Convert AVI to SVCD
- Convert PVA to SVCD (PVA files is DVB captured files)
- Converting from NTSC to PAL
- Support for 2 audio streams
- Support for subtitles. SVCD, CVD and permanent subtitles
- Support for chapters. Both DVD chapters and fixed chapters
- Support for Titlepicture and Change CD picture
- Support for making overlapped CD's

- Added: Now you can also convert AVI with AR of 1:1 (TV caps, DV). It's actually the same resizing algo as in the good ol' days of dvd2svcd 1.2.1 B3.
- Bug fix: Grande bug fixed in AVI to whatever when using the internal routines. If a chunk had a size of 0 it would stop demuxing the rest of the AVI fil leaving the audio incomplete. (Thanks to Nick and manolito)
- Fix: IMDB query is now working again
- Enhancement: All DVD2AVI and MPEG2DecXX.dll support has been removed. Only Donald Graft's DGMPGDec is supported (it is based on dvd2avi, but Donald has made tremendous improvements on it)
- Enhancement: Support for latest QuEnc, including special Matrix files
- Change: If you've selected DVD output and No Images, the files are muxed with MPlex instead of bbMPEG
- Enhancement: The programs in the Finalize tab is now changing depending on what output type you select (DVD, SVCD or VCD)
- Bug fix: The AC3 bitrate in an AVI was not taken into account when "No Audio Conversion" was selected.
- Fix: If you're trying to convert joined AVI files with an AC3 stream the muxer could fail due to a bad frame at the joinpoint. DVD2SVCD is now checking the entire AC3 file for bad frames (wrong length frames). This is usually such a few frames that you will not notice any sync problems.
- Bug fix: Extraction of DTS stream 0x8a is now working
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