Arcade Classic Arcade Pack

More games in one:Tetris,Pacman,Ping-Pong,Snake,Asteroids,X and 0
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Written by Andrei David
You can choose between 9 games , one of the most played.In Asteroids you must navigate without been hit, over the space full with stars and asteroids.In Invaders you must shoot the alien troops made by birds ,different each by another.In Snake you must take all the elements who are making the snake bigger, without hit the wall or other obstacles.In Frogger you pass all obstacles,each is very hard and you need all your concentration.
Pacman is similar with the oldest very known game.I recommend you to play it.Eat points without be eat by enemies.When all point are eat the level is complete.
In Tetris you must arrange the concrete blocks to make a complete line.When the line is complete it will be distroyed and you earn points .
In Hexagon you have balls in strategic points .When your ball is under enemy ball,his ball will became like yours.Try to move your balls under the maximum number of competitor balls.
In Ping Pong you hit the ball with a line like a palette.
Tic Tac Toe or X-0 means a square with 9 places.Every player have one move to make.The winner is who have a column,a line or a diagonal with his sign.

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A collection of arcade games, one of the most popular.Experience the original sights, sounds, and gameplay that made these games classics in the arcade. Every read more..

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