C Media CMI8738 WDM Driver (Windows XP) 0639

CMI8738 6CH/4CH PCI Audio Chip
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OS: Windows
Author: C Media Electronics
License: Free
Latest update: October 26, 2009

Author Description

The CMI8738 driver package contains a driver for PCI cards that are based on the CMI8378 chipset. This driver is for Windows XP only, and requires a computer with a CMI8738-based audio card. C-Media does not provide end user support for drivers, so please contact your hardware manufacturer if you need further support.

CMI-8738 supports the legacy audio – SBPRO, FM emulator, MIDI MPU-401 port. 8738-SX supports 4-channel 16-bit DACs to provide surround audio. 8738-LX or MX supports 6-channel DACs for 5.1 home theater environments and meet PC99 audio performance requirements. CMI8738-MX also provides S/PDIF digital audio interface I/O for 44.1KHz and 48KHz LPCM audio or Dolby Digital (AC-3), DTS Digital Surround 5.1 pass-through.

On the software side, CMI-8738 supports wavetable music synthesis, equalizer, reverbs, Karaoke, and multi-channel 3D positional gaming audio, Xear3D, EAX 2.0 functions with Windows Drivers. Linux driver is also available in most Linux OS versions.

Being outstanding for its full audio functions and comprehensive driver support, CMI-8738 series are the best choices for people seeking for optimum cost-effective solutions of the PC audio.

>32-bit PCI 2.1 compatible bus master.
>8738-LX/MX supports 6CH DAC 5.1 surround output for movies and 3D games.
>8738-SX supports 4CH DAC surround output for movies and 3D games.
>8738-MX provides additional digital interface S/PDIF IN/OUT (44.1K and 48KHz).
>Built-in 32ohm earphone buffer.
>Built-in 2CH 16bit ADC.
>Supports full-duplex 44.1K/48KHz sample rate playback and recording at 16bit.
>Supports analog mixer for Line-in, Mic-in, Aux, CD inputs.
>Built-in Microphone pre-amplifier (+20dB).
>MIDI MPU-401 port/ game port.
>Built-in ZV port.
>Legacy audio SBPRO compatible.
>External E2PROM interface for custom Sub-VID/PID.
>Digital power +3.3V, analog power +5V.
>Industrial 128-pin QFP package.

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