Grand Theft Auto: Ultimate Vice City Mod

A mod with new cars to play GTA Vice City
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Size: 166.37 MB
OS: Windows
Author: BioBattle and DoOm DoOm
License: Free
Latest update: May 2, 2011

Author Description

GTA Vice City was the most popular game at his time.You need the full version of the game to install this mode.This is a mod for Grand Theft Auto: Vice City that adds 40 real cars, a new bridge, new billboards and more. Everything is included in an automatic installer. The Ultimate Vice City Modification for GTA: Vice City. This modification will add 40 cars in total to the game replacing most of the cars within the game. This Modification also includes the two towers of the World Trade Center, a new bridge, new billboards as well as a Nokia Store (if you can find it big grin). This modification is an installer and is relatively easy to install.


Washington = BMW 850
SandKing (Sunshine Auto) = Ford F-150
Sanchez (moto)= Yamaha YZ 450
Virgo = Porshe 911 Turbo
Sentinel XS = Vector M12
Regina = Lotus Elise GTR
Admiral = Nissan Skyline (Handling probleme in beta version)
BF Injection = BMW Hamann
Oceanic = Toyota Supra Turbo
GreenWood = Nissan R390 GT1
Rumpo = Toyota Supra (Fast and Furious)
Faggio = Shop Cart
Pheonix = Bugatti Veyron Concept 2004
Walton = Opel Speedster
Blista Compact = Ford TS 50
Moonbeam = Mercedes SL600
Mesa Grande = Ferrari 550 Barchetta
Glendale = Dodge Charger

Infernus = Lamborghini Diablo
Cheetah = ferrari F40
Banshee = Lamborghini Murcielago
Hunter = Harrier
Stinger = Chevrolet Camaro SS
PCJ 600 = Ducati 1000
Hermes = Toyota GT-ONE
Deluxo = Mitsubishi Eclipse (2 fast 2 furious)
Taxi = Peugeot 406 Taxi (Taxi 3)
Sentinel = Mistubishi Galant
Hotring = Ford Mustang SVT Cobra
Idaho = Dodge Viper GTS
Landstalker = Ford Explorer
Rancher = Jeep Grand Cherokee
Comet = Ferrari 360 Spider
Stallion = Toyota Black Supra
Manana = Subaru Impreza WRX
Sabre = Ford boss 1971
Esperant = Ford GT-40
Police = Police Ford Crown Victoria
Sabre Turbo = Ford Shelby Mustang GT500 1967
Perenial = Honda NSX ULTIMATE 2000 (Ultimate Vice City Bonus


Grand Theft Auto : Vice City is required to install this mod.You need a fresh install of Vice City to install this mod or it will not work.The game will not work if you install this version over Vice City with Ultimate Vice City Version 1.

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The best by Alan, 2011-04-26 06:43:27

I love this game very much and i to play with others. One of the nicest games of this genre.

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