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Amiglobe is a complex world atlas with a large database containing information and statistics about all the countries in the world.With Amiglobe 2006 you can navigate in the world map, and get a wealth of information about the 237 countries and entities.

The map can be drawn with four projections: flat, Lambert's, Mercator's or spherical. You can zoom everywhere on the map, Amiglobe 2006 shifts the detail level according to the zoom level.

You can select a country, browse data about it, and make comparison with other countries. The data and maps can be saved to disk and exported to word processors or graphic utilities. Also, you can browse cities and mountains and get pictures of them from the Internet.


- general: the map of the country itself, with itscapital city. On the left there is the automobile country code, the flag, and a button to hear the national anthem. To zoom on the country, clickon

- geography: this category, like the others, displays 29 out of 160 data about this country. It focus on the physical part ofthe country, such as the area, the lowest and highest points, the climate,the natural hazards, etc...

- history: the history of the country

- people: many data about population and population structure, ethnic divisions, population density, etc...

- government: the capital city, the chief of state, the internet code, etc...

- overview: a description of the economy

- economy: key figures about the economy suchas thegross national product, imports, exports. Note that you can choosethecurrency used to show money amounts.

- transportation: the country capacity in transportations (railroad, highways, airports) and communications (telephones, radios)

- military: some data about the army and its budget

- Distances, areas and number are displayed according to user preferences. If you use the US-system, distances and area will be expressed in miles and square miles, Amiglobe makes the conversion automatically

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