Fraps Tutorial

Published on March 10, 2011

Have you ever wonder how to take screenshots automatically from a game? Or to make a video and share on the Internet? Fraps is the best software to make that happens. It has a small size, is easy to install and to use. Very good for beginners and useful for professionals.

You have 2 main windows to work with, movies and screenshots.

Take Screenshots

Set a hot key to make automatically screen capture while playing. Select a default folder where images will be saved. You can play the game, hit the hot key whenever you want and at the finish you will find all images in that folder. Is recommended to use a special key, not very often used in games options (keyboard settings).

You can save images in many formats like JPG, PNG, BMP or TGA. It's enough because there are the most popular used and can be displayed with any image viewer software, for example IrfanView.

Capture Movies

You can record movies pressing a key. When you press it again the recording will be stopped. Set a default folder where to save movies automatically and set a hot key (different from the Screenshots key). Select the number of FPS. FPS means frames per second, the number of consecutive images while making the capture. Higher number of FPS means better quality, but the video will have a larger size.
You can hide cursor, record stereo or mono sound. If you want to add comments and record your voice, to make a tutorial for example, select Record external input and use a microphone to speak. Be sure to test the microphone first.

At General options you can set common functions for Fraps like start minimized, keep it on top, start when computer starts. In FPS window you can select the corner where the frame number is displayed, hide FPS yellow counter (select Hide overlay) and make benchmarks.

You can download Fraps from this page.

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