How To Make a Graph Using Excel

Published on May 25, 2011

You may need to make a graph to show it in a presentation. You have a collection of data, but are not powerful and suggestive without using a graph. Microsoft Excel, presented on this page on our web site, is a component of Office package and will help you to do this.

1. Open an Excel sheet and insert data

2. Select with drag all fields to be inserted in chart (left click and drag with mouse over the fields that will be used for chart).

3. Click Insert tab

4. Select the type of graph you want to be created. Nice and suggestive icons will help you to do that fast

5. Click on desired design and you will have the graph

You can customize colors, the design (column, line, bar, pyramid etc.), move the graph on sheet with drag and drop, edit data and many more options and customizations are easy to implement.

For this presentation I have used Microsoft Office 2007, but if you are using another version, for example 2003, things are similar.

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