Age of Mythology Review

Published on June 6, 2011

Age of Mythology is one of the most important strategy games in history of this genre. It was released in 2002 and even today is a pleasure to play. I have tested and played 2 days and the game is really amazing. The campaign menu offers a variety of scenarios, you have to accomplish different tasks on each level.

Can be played online, campaign or single scenario.

You have a tutorial about how to play it if you are new in this genre. But this is less possible because Microsoft has done many other strategy games and you should know at least a few of them from Age of Empires series.

Learn all moves before start the campaign. Choose a difficulty level between easy, moderate, hard or titan. Easy or moderate should be enough difficult.

The action is placed in an ancient era of gods and myths. You have to gather resources like wood, gold and food in order to construct military buildings and houses. Also, you need an amount of resources to advance at a new age.

You will read about many spells from different Greeks and Egyptians gods, top of the window you can activate the spells. Right click on them to see what is doing each of them.

The most important are combat units, because you will be attacked or you need to attack different territories. Infantry, archers and cavalry can be created from specific buildings, but you can make different creatures like elephants, lions, crocodiles and many more with special abilities in battle.

Also, make trojan horses, build docks to send your ships in battle or to gather food (fish from the see).

In conclusion, this is a great game, you must play it. View product page with more data on our website and download the game.

Note: change video resolution from the game's options, if image is low quality when you start it.

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