TeamViewer Review

Published on June 8, 2011

If you don't know, you can connect from a computer to another in different location if you have an Internet connection. You can use that remote computer like you are there. there are many software which are doing this, but the most popular and useful, also appreciated almost by all community and proved by the number of downloads, it is TeamViewer.

What are important tasks that you can perform with this software:
1. Remote control
2. File transfer
3. VPN

Now I will talk a little about each main features to see what can be used for.

1. Remote control allows you to connect to a computer based an identification number and a password. You will need to know these login details and this restriction is useful to not allow foreign access (someone may harm or steal data). You can reboot that PC and reconnect with the program when is restarted.

Once you are logged in, you can use that computer like you are in front of him. You can perform all kind of operations.

2. File transfer is used to transfer files from your computer to another one or from remote computer on your hard disk. For example is useful if you are not at home or office and you forgot some important data. Simply you connect and get your files very fast. Please pay attention that TeamViewer must be started on remote PC and both computers must have access to Internet.

This software use the latest security protocols to connect via Internet, so login details are encrypted is SSL mode and even a third party steal your login details through a sniffer, those data are not in plain text and cannot be used.

You can make online presentations and demonstrations, share what you are doing on your PC in real time or view others.

The quality of the remote display is very good, but this depends by the speed of Internet connection.

TeamViewer keeps a history of activity in a log file and you can access it through top file menu.

The best part is that is 100% free for personal use, for commercial purposes you must register it.

You can see more data about this program on our web site, a short video and download link.

In conclusion, this is the best remote control software I have ever used, simple to install and to use, very advanced and continuously improved.

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