CCleaner Review

Published on June 8, 2011

Navigating on Internet means some security risks. For example you can remain with malicious computer cookies which contains a trojan. Or perhaps you are using it a lot and temporary files are downloaded and stored on your PC. The majority of sites use cookies and cache, these means static files are saved on your computer automatically to not be reloaded each time when you visit that web site. Also, if you want to erase all history of what you have used or what sites you have visited, you need a tool to do that. For this is CCleaner.

As you can see in previous image, there are a few modules with different functions.

1. Cleaner will delete and empty all unused files. You can save a lot of disk space and is highly recommended to make regularly (once per week at least) a cleaning operation. You can check or uncheck different task for being performed.

2. Registry will scan your Windows files to detect any missing files and errors. You can check specific issues and fix them.

3. At Tools you can quickly access uninstall menu to remove installed programs, enable or disable start-up programs, restore operating system to a previous state and date (CCleaner will show you the date and what operations was made then), or wipe hard disk.

4. At Options you can set different functions regarding when it starts, update automatically, cookies to keep, exclude files and folders from being scanned, view detailed reports and more.

It works for all major browsers and will clean all data (cookies, visited sites, cached files, username and passwords etc.) From Windows will empty Recycle Bin, cache, log files and more. it is ideal to maintain your privacy, but also to maintain health of your operating system.

Is easy to install and it is doing cleaning operation very fast. Please note that you need to close all Internet browsers before start Scan.

The product page on is here and you can view additional data and download the product. It is a good quality software and is cleaning everything on your PC.

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