How To Format USB Flash Drive

Published on June 8, 2011

Often we use USB (universal serial bus) flash disk to transfer data between computer and removable hardware. The flash drive is easy to transport and is safer than a CD or DVD. Flash disk is connecting to a computer through a special port named USB. This port allows you to connect external hardware pieces to your computer.

In some cases your USB flash disk is full with data and you cannot delete its content. in this case you can right click and select Format option, like in this image.

But what you could do when you cannot format it with Windows command (often ends with an error)? There is a simple solution for this.

First you need to download HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool, a small software made by HP and you can find it on this page from our web site.

This tool does not require any installation, just double click .exe file. You will see the interface in seconds, like in this image.

Automatically is detecting the flash drive connected to your computer, you will select FAT32 or NTFS option and press start.

IF you want to create a DOS start-up disc you can check that option and select the folder from your hard disk.

HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool is formatting your USB disk in seconds, without errors like those received from Windows tool.

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