Skype - How To Make Video Conference With Multiple Users

Published on June 16, 2011

Skype is a great online chatting and instant messaging client. The best thing is the quality of sound while speaking on the phone or while make a video conference with others. You will be able to talk in the same room and to view all live images of your friends in the same time.

1. What do you need
- Web cam connected to your computer (some laptop has incorporated the web cam)
- Microphone
- Speakers
- Internet connection

2. The steps to setup a video conference or call your Skype users

a) Open application

b) Click Contacts -> Create New Group

c) Drag and drop desired contacts in the new window

d) Click Call group

You will view all members with images when they click accept to join your conference, you can talk through microphone or use keyboard to type messages. Additionally, you can add or remove new contacts while speaking.

If you want to delete chat history to keep your conversations typed on keyboard safely, view our article regarding this.

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