Nero Freeware Review

Published on June 16, 2011

There are many applications that allows you to burn a CD or DVD with different kind of data. These days you can use alternatives for these external storage devices like flash drive (USB disk), external hard disk or Blu-Ray discs.

But supposing you want to write data on a DVD or CD (these devices has progressed too, storage space can be many GB), you need a software for that. And this can be Nero (original name is Nero Burning ROM), developed by a German company and being the most popular in the World on his niche, including United States.

This free version of Nero is very easy to install, does not requires any computer restart and is running smoothly.

You can choose to install or not the Ask toolbar.

In order to install this free version, Nero LEGAL serial number is set by default by developer's software kit, just click Next
Note: this is a legal serial number generated by original software from developer

You can choose custom or typical installation. We have choosen Custom to see what option can be changed.

Select or not the Smart Start option, the description is in the right of the picture.

Select what language you want, there are a plenty of options.

Click Next and wait

If you want enter personal details to stay informed by newsletters. You can skip this step.

After installation ends and you start the program, a clean and well designed interface will appear. Only Data burning and Copy disc will be available for free.

The Menu is hidden, this is a minus in design and usability. Is not hidden really, but is difficult to guess the icon for the options. View it in this image.

At Options you can configure different details like:
- speed of burning
- verify data after burning (by default is unchecked, i recommend to check it)
- news subscription
- appearance in Windows

You can write very easily new discs or to add data to an existing one. Enter the disc and start adding files (you will browse on your computer for this)

The options can be accessed without abandon the current session. Here it is the icon, also very discreet designed.

A graph bar will indicate how many space you have available to write while adding new files and folders. What is remaining is to click Burn.

Also, you can Copy a disc from CD/DVD-ROM, but be aware will not copy the protected once by a producer.

After you click Copy, Nero will copy in a temporary folder the content of it, will eject the CD and will ask you to enter a new one, to write the data.

Insert another disc, click burn and you will have an identical one in seconds. You can read more about this software on our web site , including a short video and the download link from our server.

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