McAfee Antivirus Review

Published on March 12, 2011

McAfee is a large corporation and main activity is computer security and privacy protection software development. is located in Santa Clara, California (United States) and has been acquired by Intel since 2010.

They are developing antivirus and firewall solutions from many years, their products has been used by millions of individuals and companies. Their best product is McAfee Antivirus and you can install it and run it on your computer to protect against any kind of malware and viruses.

Main Window

After installation you can access the program double clicking on the small icon from the system tray (right and bottom side of your screen). here you have information about status of real time scan, updates, firewall and subscription.

Main features

McAfee automatically detects if you are using a firewall program, like the one included in Windows package. if is not active will prompt you with an alert to activate a firewall. Is VERY IMPORTANT to keep active the firewall, not only the antivirus.

First time after installation update the program with latest definitions from developers's servers. Click Update button and be prepared to restart computer after operation is finished, in order to take effect. The update made via program's interface is the easiest way, alternatively you can download the DAT package with McAfee definitions from our site.

Under Features there are drop down buttons and you can access different areas.

Useful functions:
Set scan in real-time
Set scheduled scans for desired time and date
Scan e-mail and attachments
Use a firewall
Use SiteAdvisor while surfing the Internet to receive alerts about suspicious pages. SiteAdvisor can be installed separately from this page).

McAfee is an antivirus software professional made and upgraded continuously to provide the best protection and user experience. I recommend it and you can download it from this page.

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