How To Make Free Backup Of Your Files - Dropbox Review

Published on July 24, 2011

You can delete some files by mistake or your computer can crash. In these case you lose photos, important documents and other data. I very important to have a copy of these files - this means to make a backup.

Dropbox will backup your desired files on their secure servers for free up to 2GB. For larger hard disk space you need to pay, but 2GB is enough to have a copy of your important files.

How it works
1. Install Dropbox software from this page.

2. After installation run the program and create an account with username and password from program's interface. You will have a short and useful tutorial about how to use it.

3. Installing Dropbox will create automatically a folder on your computer, named Dropbox. Here you will copy, move with drag and drop or delete files. All files from this folder (from your computer) will be uploaded automatically on Dropbox third-party servers. You can move this folder where you want on your hard disk.

Any file or folders copied on this folder from your PC automatically will be placed on online account. If you lose some files you can enter from another computer with your login details in online account and copy them back to your hard disk.

You can make folders or files from your private account a public and share with others. Also, is useful to use your files when you are in another location and you do not have the computer with files at you.

Any file created on your online account will be automatically on your computer too, and reverse

Deleted files will still remain in online account until you choose Permanently Delete.

I like this application very much because is saving time and I do not write CD or DVD anymore, just keep important files in Dropbox folder and this application will make the rest. And is completely free for a large amount of HDD space - 2 GB.

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