Age Of Empires Online Review

Published on August 16, 2011

We have tested the online version of Age of Empires in the day when was launched officially, 16th August 2011. The design has been substantially changed and i like it. Is another style of design, each unit have a strong individuality and is well designed.

You have to accomplish different quests, from the easiest to complicated ones. In this way you will learn new options and how to play it if you are new to this game in particular or new in Age of Empires in general.

Make buildings and train a lot of troops. You will need to defend your city, but also build an attack army to destroy the enemy. Build walls, towers, advance in age, build docks with fishing boats, transport and attack ships.

There are four civilizations like Greek, Egyptian, Celtic and Persian. For free play is available only the Greek one, the Egyptian is available to purchase and the other ones will be available this summer.

You can travel on the map between different cities and you will return to your main city to manage your profile and inventory after each combat or quest.

I like this online version very much, the single thing i don't like is i cannot put a flag where units automatically go after has been built (or maybe i didn't find it yet in menu). I highly recommend to play it. You can find more details and a video about Age of Empires Online here on our web site.

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