How To - Manually Update Avira Antivirus VDF/iVDF

Published on August 21, 2011

Probably you already know that Avira Anti virus is one of the most popular and reliable solutions to protect home computers against viruses. Is very important to keep your anti virus software updated daily because there many new threats discovered every day. Also, keep it live or to scan in real-time (will scan automatically downloaded files, new files copied on your hard disk from DVD/CD, will scan removable media like USB flash drive and more).

But what is happening when you are infected by a trojan or virus and you cannot update Avira through Internet anymore? (some viruses disable Internet connection or restrict access to certain sites like those for most popular anti virus programs, including Avira).

If you are infected and you are not able to update it online, follow these steps:
1. Download Avira updates files from another computer with Internet access and copy them on an USB, DVD, or CD (you can find these files here on our web site).

2. There are 2 different files available, depending which version of Avira you are running. Download them both (VDF and IVDF) - we will use just one. Do not change the name of the files.

3.Copy the files from USB/DVD/CD on a folder of the infected computer.

4.Start Avira Antivirus

5. Select Update --> Manual Update

6. Browse for folder where you have copied definitions files

7. Select the requested file

8. Double click on requested file or click open and your program will make the update automatically.

After few seconds the update will finish and you will be able to scan your computer and find viruses with Avira updated.

Avira Antivirus Free edition can be found here
Avira Update files and a how to video can be found here

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