How To Delete Files or Folders Permanently from PC

Published on October 26, 2011

When you have sensitive or private files and you want to delete them, usually you press Delete key and file goes to Recycle Bin. And here you click Empty Recycle Bin. But you don't know these files can be recovered. So, there is a method to delete files with no chance to be recovered?

I present you a free software named Eraser and will do this job for you. You can download this software from our web site on this product page.

1. Install and open Eraser

2. Go to settings to set different options (you can skip this step)

3. Go back to Erase Schedule menu, right click on central empty area and choose New task

4. A new window will appear. Give a name to your task, select an option when to run and add files to be deleted permanently

You can choose to delete files from Recycle Bin, unused disk space, specific file or a folder. After you select a file, click Add data to add more files or folders in list.

5. Click Ok and after that right click on task. Here you can run the task immediately or edit it (add or remove files, change deletion method etc.).

6. After you click Run now, you will see the progress in a status bar.

7. When the operation is finished, you will see the proper status, like in this image.

If you select a task that will be repeated (option Recurring task), you will be able to set a schedule and this application will run the job automatically daily, weekly or monthly.

Many different methods to perform the deletion are available: Gutmann, US Air Force, British, Russian an many more. I highly recommend to use it and if this article was an useful tip, please share it.

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