How To Disable Automatic Start of Programs in Windows

Published on November 8, 2011

Even you are uninstalling a software, is possible that an executable file to remain in Windows database and run on system startup. Also, maybe you do not want to uninstall a program, but you want only to prevent it to start when your computer starts.

You can disable programs to start in the same time with Windows startup by doing the following:

Method 1
1. Click Start and type msconfig in the bar. Hit Enter

2. In the window that opens, select the Startup tab

3. Order programs by name or manufacturer, uncheck the program that you do not want to start and click OK

4. A new window will ask you if you want to restart or exit without restart

Method 2
Download and install CCleaner from here. Install it, go to Tools->Startup, click on desired program name and then click Disable, like in this picture.

You can enable again the disabled programs any time. There are many tools available to make this operation, but i have presented two different ways that are simple and free.

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