iPhone 4S Review

Published on November 25, 2011

I am using this phone from a few days. A few years I have used iPhone 3GS and a few months Samsung Galaxy S2 (presented here). Also, i have tested before iPhone 4 (the previous model of 4S).

(this image is from apple.com)

iPhone 4S is a phone that deserves the money. Is better than Samsung Galaxy S2 because have a longer battery life (a few days) and you will have a good feeling while you will keep it in your hands.

It has a powerful dual-core A5 processor where applications and menu options are opening faster, is highly responsive and graphics (especially if you play games on mobile) are loading faster.

Photo camera it has 8 megapixels and pictures are made with good quality. You can use blitz option on, off or auto in order to make good pictures if you are in a dark area or is night. Also, quality of video recordings has been improved.

Siri is the big innovation and the most impressive feature. Keep pressed the home button and your Siri assistant will appear (do not forget to activated On via Settings menu). You can talk and you phone will answer to different questions, send messages, call automatically friends from your address book and more. Now is available in English, French and German.

What other thing you can do with Siri: set reminders, check weather, send e-mails, schedule meetings, set alarms, get directions through map, track stocks and more.

iCloud function will allow you to backup your data from iPhone on a separate server (is free until 5GB, so is very useful). Create backups for your contacts, applications, photos, movies, calendars and more.

FaceTime will allow you to see live the other person that is talking with you (if it has an iPhone 4S too) and allow the other person to see you as well. Is a video conference system that is working great.

Internet on HSDPA connection is working twice better than on iPhone 4 (previous version).

In conclusion, i recommend to buy this phone because is not just a phone, is a door to a multimedia world where you can stay tuned with latest news, have fun on your own or friends, communicate easily and with a great quality.

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