How To Create a System Restore Point in Windows 7

Published on February 9, 2012

Sometime your computer can crash or give errors that cannot be repaired due a virus or extensive use. If you have important data or simply if you have many installed applications, is important to have a backup to be restored very fast. This will save your time.

Windows has built in an option that automatically create backups at specific intervals, for drive C:, where operating system is installed. In this way, if computer is damaged, you only restore a backup from a previous time and will have back your Windows operating system and all installed programs.

1. Right click on My Computer and select Properties

2. Go to System Protection and a new windows will appear

3. If Create button is disabled, select the drive where is installed Windows and click Configure. If Configure button is enabled just click on it.

Turn on Restore system settings

4. Click Create and put a desired name for your backup file. Click Ok. Current date and time will be added automatically to file name (this will help you to identify easily desired file when you restore a backup).

In this way you have a backup of your operating system and the data on it.

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