EditPlus Review

Published on April 20, 2011

If you are working on servers, if you are a webmaster or you need just to edit some files, this software is a simple and cheap solution to make it. EditPlus it doesn't have mega menus and is very efficient for beginners.

You can edit or create files with different types like simple text, HTML, C++, PHP, Java, JavaScript, VBScript, CSS, XML or C Sharp.

It has many shortcuts for different coding tags, for example link, alt, H1, bold and so on. With one click you save a lot of time and you have code without errors. At Preferences you can customize it as you want, change colors and fonts, use syntax files, create users with defined settings, customize toolbar and icons, optimize spell checker's settings.

Set foreground or background colors for different types of text (lines, rulers, cursor indicator etc.). Also, a nice feature is text to speech option which will transform in voice the text.

This software is able to record keystrokes and macros to use automatic batch operations just pressing a combination of keys. It has word wrap, auto indent, auto complete and can change the colors of syntax highlighting.

Just before using I recommend to explore all options in preference area to see how much it can do for you. Even it looks like a simple text editor, EditPlus it has a lot of features and can be customized to ensure the highest rate of productivity and comfort while writing code.

The product page where you can see additional informations and download it on our site is here.

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