VLOOKUP Tutorial and Example. How to Use This Excel Function

Published on May 30, 2012

VLOOKUP is an Excel 2007/2010 function that allows you to search for a common value in another table and to copy/add data from that another table to existing one.

For example, you have 2 tables like in this image. We want to paste in the table with age, what salary has each person. The common value is Name field.

We will put salary data in column C. Click on the first row on column where you want to put data and select VLOOKUP function.

In the new window, at LOOKUP value we choose the common value for these 2 tables (Excel need to know about what criteria will search/look in second table). So we are searching in Table 2 for value Name from Table 1 (because this is the common element).
So we select the first name from Table 1.

In Table_array we select the table from where data will be searched and copied in our table. We select Table 2 because here we are searching.

In next field, at Col_index_num enter the number of column with desired data. In previous image, at Table_array we have selected Table 2 (have the common value Name and the Salary desired column). So we want column 2 from Table_array and we will put 2.

At Range_Lookup we put false and click Ok.
We drag the row from bottom right corner and all rows will be filled with data.

Here you have another image that may help you to understand better the fields from this function. At Range_lookup put False.

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