How To Find Duplicate File Names

Published on May 21, 2013

If you have a lot of duplicate files, is good to find and delete them. This will help you to free up space from your hard drive, keep the information clean and well organized and keep your computer in the best shape.
There are software products that automatically scan and find duplicate file names and you can delete them easily. One of this tools, free, is Auslogics Duplicate File Finder  -  link here.
Simply install the program and select desired hard disk or specific folders from your hard drives where this program will search.

In order to perform a very fast search, select only specific file types that you know is possible to have many duplicates (images, music etc.). You can ignore files with size bigger or smaller than a specific size (it allows KB, MB and GB as measurement units).

You can choose to permanently delete duplicate files or to move them to Recycle Bin (you will be able to recover from here if they are not to bigger or a lot of them)  or move to Rescue Center (from here you can recover them).

You can check only desired files to be deleted after it displays results.

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