WinToFlash Tutorial

Published on August 6, 2013

With WinToFlash you can install Windows operating system from an USB stick. Instead using a CD/DVD or other source, simply use your USB to install a new fresh operating system.

In order to be able to install Windows from USB, follow these steps.

1. Install WinToFlash - download it from this page. Note that WinToFlash is free.

2.Open WinToFlash interface and choose Windows Setup Wizard Transfer (will guide you step by step).

3. Click Next

4. Choose Windows file path (where are files with Windows operating system: can be any source, for example a DVD, an ISO file etc.). Also, select the USB drive (first insert an USB drive into your computer or laptop) where Windows setup drive will be set. And click Next.

5. Confirm USB writting. All data from inserted USB flash will be erased before Windows files to be set.

6. Accept the Terms of agreement and click Next. Then the setup of your bootable USB flash will begin.

When the operation ends, you will have a bootable USB stick and you do not need CD/DVD to install Windows. To install Windows from USB, start your computer and from BIOS set bootable device to be the USB. When you will restart the computer (with primary boot option set to USB), with the USB flash connected to your computer, the Windows installation will begin and will be a breeze.

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