How To Resize Pictures

Published on August 9, 2013

Pictures taken with digital camera, with smartphone or received from friends by email, can be too large. Some images can have a too big width or height.

Also, resizing images will help you to make them with smaller size, for example if you have big images with 2.5 MB, resizing to a smaller width (let's say 1024 px or even 600 px) will make them much smaller and can be easily send via email as attachment.

But pictures can be resized to smaller dimensions or to bigger dimensions. When resize to smaller dimensions, the final image will have smaller size and the quality will remain almost the same, depending what settings you choose. Resizing to bigger size, usually will generate a slightly decrease in picture quality because existing pixels will occupy a larger surface on the screen.

I will share you one of my favorite tools to resize pictures as you need and is good to keep it installed because you may need to apply different other actions to your images, such as converting to another image format, add effects, crop and so on.

If you have only 1 image to resize, probably you already can do it with your default image viewer pressing CTRL+R or from file menu, but you never know when you need to process a lot of images and will take time.

XnConvert is a FREE software that i will use to show how to resize one or many images very easy and maintaining the quality. Download it and install it on your computer.

Start XnConvert and from main interface Add files (choose individual pictures from your PC) or Add folder (choose a folder from your PC and automatically all images from that folder will be added for processing).

After you add images to interface, you will have a nice view of them. You can sort them, you can remove individual images before making next step.

Go to Actions tab and press Add action. From here we will select the Resize option.

Choose the Resize operation.

Select desired options for resizing.

Go to Output tab and select folder where resized images will be saved. Also, if you want to rename images automatically, you can from here too.

Then click Convert and your pictures will be resized at the width and height that you have set..

You will see when the processing ends.

This tool XnConvert can perform many actions to your images, add watermark to protect your copyright, rotate images, adjust colors, add different filters or effects to enhance images. A software that every user must have.

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