5 Free Alternatives for Adobe Photoshop

Published on August 13, 2013

Adobe Photoshop is the leading application to edit and create images, tool for professional designers and for high quality and precise drawings. But Photoshop costs after the trial period expires (you have 30 days of free use), so just in case you need some free alternatives to make design work, here there are.

1. Gimp is very similar with Photoshop and can open and save PSD files. Supports layers and other popular features that Adobe tool have. It has a smaller size and includes ready to use layouts for buttons and logos. Just make a few modifications and you can easily make a new logo for a website. It has plenty of tools included, effects and filters.

2. Pixia is another free software for Windows that supports PSD files and layers. Interface looks classic or even old, but is good to make basic operations with layered files.

3. Inkscape is another free tool that is made for medium and advanced user, that have some skills and experience in image editing. This software works with vectors and open files created with Adobe Illustrator or CorelDraw. Unfortunately does not support .psd files, but can be used for advanced editing and design.

4. Paint.NET is an image editor that is very easy to use by beginners. It supports a lot of operations to work and modify images as you need. Adjust colors, apply effects and filters, add shapes, change colors and more. Is supporting adding new layers,, but cannot open .psd (like Gimp) or .ai files (like Inkscape). It is very good for regular users, for basic or fast picture retouching.

5. Photo Pos Pro it works with most popular image formats, but the interface is very well organized and is a pleasure to work with it. It allows to make exact selections of parts from your pictures/images and apply different modifications or editing operations: filters, effects, color modifications and many other options.

Photoshop remains number one, but if you want a free software try applications described in this article because can make a lot of operations and they have a rich list with features. Still looking for alternatives? Check more on AlternativePedia.com.

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