Top 5 Free Software to Surf Web Anonymously and Freely

Published on August 14, 2013

Surfing the Internet is exposing your IP address and, in some circumstances, it exposes data transfered for being stolen. Also, in certain countries, people may not be able to access specific websites.

There are various applications that enhance your privacy while visiting sites. These applications may use by default a secure HTTPS protocol to send data encrypted instead in plain text, change your home IP address with a new one (in fact using another foreign IP or proxy server), block personal data trackers and more.

1. Freegate is designed to use servers from another countries (proxy servers) to connect and to surf the internet. It uses different servers to connect. If you are not using Internet Explorer, you need to set the browser proxy to a specific value written on the main interface of Freegate. Is recommended to be used with Internet Explorer browser. From options users can set to delete browsing history when program exists or to activate for wireless networks.

2. Hotspot Shield is changing your IP to another one from United States. In this way you will be seen as a US visitor. Also encrypt transfers to a secure protocol. It has a simple to use and professional interface, but advertisements are intrusive. They offer some paid upgrades for additional features, but the free version can be used for its main tasks with success.

3. Tor is using anonymous Tor network to anonymize your identity. Is changing your IP with a new one, it protects your personal details and keeps data transferred secure. It has included a Tor browser and they recommend to use it for maximum protection and results.

4. Spotflux is a non-intrusive application that runs silently and can be activated or dezactivated with a single click. Is capable to change the IP address, block tracking codes, advertisements and keep transfers secure with https protocol.

5. JonDo is mainly designed to change IP address with one from a proxy server from another country.Users can see in real time the transfer speed, number of users connected to proxy server, response time and other details, so they can switch easily to another proxy server that may work faster.

These tools helps to change IP to another country and surf behind that IP, secure all internet traffic to https protocol for bidirectional encryption, stop your details and behaviour beeing tracked by third party or simply access internet web pages without restrictions.

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