AVG Antivirus Review

Published on May 24, 2011

AVG is the most popular antivirus software and has been downloaded and used by millions of users. The free version offers a lot of options and can be enough to defend your system, without making an upgrade. Of course, they have paid upgrades in order to add another features.

Download the package on your hard disk. You can find it on this page.
First you need to uninstall any other antivirus software for your computer, because running 2 antivirus software in the same time can cause conflicts and errors. If you are trying to install it while another similar program is installed, a warning will appear.

Go to Control Panes->Add/Remove Programs and remove other antivirus software. After that you can install AVG.

You can choose Quick or Custom install.

Choose Quick to make it easier, then uncheck or check two options regarding installation, in addition, of AVG Security Toolbar and making AVG Secure Search default search provider. Click Next and installation will begin.

Enter e-mail and name if you want to participate to their community and receive newsletters and security alerts. You can uncheck this and click Finish.

Features and Use
The program will start and you will se the main window with all option in there. They have made a pretty good design and personally i love to use this application.

You have all important packages installed and running, like antivirus, link scanner, email scanner, anti spyware and anti rootkit.

At Scan Now menu you can change settings for removing infections, archives, reports and more.

After starting scan process, you will see the percentage of completed actions in a nice graph bar, number of threats found and current object scanned.

And finally, the third option is to make updates. Clicking on this tab, AVG will connect to servers and will check if you have latest version and libraries with latest antivirus definitions.

Finally, you must notice quick access and more detailed options in file menu, in the top of application. Is allowing you fast access to all options you need.

I like AVG antivirus because it detects all new viruses, it has a good interface, very easy to navigate and to use by anyone. It has many options included as free. The single thing i don't like is to many confirmations alerts received from my firewall (ZoneAlarm) during the installation and first seconds of use, but i can pass over that easily.

It is a great product, very efficient and available for all operating systems. Is recommend it. More data you can find on our website at this page, including a video.

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