How To Disable McAfee Antivirus

Published on May 24, 2011

As I have wrote in previous article regarding how to disable AVG Antivirus, often you need to shut down or turn off your anti-virus application to install drivers or other software packages which are not supporting an anti-virus running because can cause conflicts. Fortunately, McAfee provide a pretty easy way to disable it for specific periods of time.

1. Right click on McAfee icon in top bottom side of your desktop (in System Tray area)

2. Select Change Settings and Real Time Scanning and click on it

3. Click Turn off option

4. Select the period of inactivity. You have from 15 minuter to never.

In order to activate again manually, follow the same steps. Please be caution that is highly recommend it to have an anti-virus software active and running all the time. So do not forget to turn it On after you can do that, because your computer may be in a security risk.

i like McAfee Antivirus Plus for offering this option, you can choose different settings, not just one like the other anti-virus software and is easy to access, is not hidden. Many developers do not put easy access to this option in order to not turn off anti-virus engine by mistake and leave a security breach on your computer.

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