Samsung Galaxy S2 Review

Published on July 30, 2011

This review is based on a intensive use during a few days of Samsung Galaxy S2. I hope will be useful to you if you are interested to get a new phone.

A few technical details and features:
- 4.3 inch display: is very good to play games, surf the Internet
- dual core processor: is worth, is running very fast
- Android 2.3 operating system: i love it
- 8 megapixels camera with led: good quality of pictures
- supports connection to PC via USB 2.0
- it has Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS
- touchscreen
- resolution 480 x 800 pixels
- voice recognition
- webcam and video conference
- edit, crop, resize etc. images

What I like
1. The phone is very fast
2. Design of applications and colors are great, a pleasure to use
3. I can use a lot of free applications and games from Android market
4. Applications are easy to install, just make a Google account and login. You can install applications on mobile while surfing Android market from computer. Just click Install and application is automatically downloaded and installed on your phone.
5. Is easy to uninstall applications
6. A lot of features and functions useful and made based on attention to details, applications are really useful
7. The large screen: is easier to type, much comfortable to play games or to view multimedia. You can use it like a GPS for your car without spending money for a different device.
8. Phone is charging from USB connected to laptop/PC (it has a normal charger too)
9. Is slim
10. I can easily connect it to computer and transfer files via Samsung Kies software.
11. It has 2 buttons top bottom, outside of screen and is really easy to "go back" or access supplemental options while using it and accessing different applications.

What I dislike
1. It has just a few wallpapers available
2. It has some default Internet pages with content from Samsung or his partners and i cannot delete them (I saw on Android market some applications that allows that, I will try them)

Regarding the shape, first time i didn't like that the back front is not perfect plate, but i realize is very useful. You can keep the phone in your hand better, especially as it has a large screen.

Images from the producer:

My screenshots:

Conclusion: is a very good phone, is worth the money, i find it more useful than iPhone, especially due the Android Market which is easier to use and has many useful free applications.

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