Top 100 Freeware Windows Software

Very popular software that may be useful for your computer. These great tools are Free (Freeware) for home use. Some of them are free for commercial use, but if you intend to use it for commercial purpose, read the Terms of that app before installing it. In order to support the development, some of apps may offer you to install third-party advertising toolbars (e.g. AOL Search, Yahoo! Toolbar) and you can choose if you want to install them or not during the install process. Also, very few of these apps may offer extra upgrade options to be purchased.

We have tested all top apps and we accept only quality ones, that are really helpful for the user. We do not publish apps that not give user's choice to install or not third party advertisements.

Top 100 Freeware
1. Nero
Nero Burning Rom write or rewrite DVDs and CDs
Anonymous Internet access secure and fast
3. Skype
Make phone calls from the Internet and chat online
Chat online,make conversations and phone calls with friends and family
See maps and geographic locations from satellite
Connect your Nokia device to a PC and access mobile content
Chat using multiple YM accounts in the same time
Send instant messages and connect to Gmail account
(SP3) latest pack updates for Windows XP Download
Create virtual copies for CD or DVD.Mount or unmount images
Latest version find, repair or delete infected files
Install Windows and boot directly from USB instead hard disk
Full version of CD and DVD writting engine
Scan for viruses and prevent PC threats
Scan in real time for viruses (a lot of updates for definitions)
16. uTorrent
Share files,photos and videos with uTorrent. Download torrent files with speed
17. oDC++
File sharing software to transfer files from Internet
Mix mp3 music and other audio files,Learn to be a DJ
Alternative for iTunes to manage or share music and videos on iPhone
Open or view PDF (Portable Document Format) documents
Now can play audio and video applications
File sharing software: search,chat and P2P network access
23. Winamp
Play MP3 audio files and listen music
RealPlayer (renamed from RealOne) allows to play Real Media files .ram .ra
Most popular web browser powered by Microsoft
Set email account with POP3 or IMAP and share informations faster
Is a client for sharing files in Direct Connect network
Synchronize your phone and PC using ActiveSync and Windows Mobile
Multimedia player for audio and video files: Blu-Ray, DVD, CD, MP3
30. FlashGet
A download manager to get music and movies from the internet
Trusted antivirus ,definitions added daily; real time scan
Free alternative for Microsoft Office (Excel, Word, PowerPoint)
Standalone tool to ope, make or edit Words, Excel or PowerPoint documents
Free document creator and editor. Alternative to Word, Excel, PowerPoint
Make and view all type of text documents
Popular photo and image viewer
Bittorent client for file sharing
38. Picasa
Organize all pictures, add effects and share online
39. QuickTime
Play .mov files and export for iPhone and iPod
40. Audacity
Record, edit and play audio files
41. iTunes
Find radio stations, play games and listen music online. Manage iPhone
Capture audio files and make them MP3
43. BSplayer
Player for movies and audio files
Media center for PC. Play, record and manage audio, movies, pictures
45. BitComet
Transfer files with large sizes,a good peer 2 peer sharing program
Manage LG mobile phone from computer: save contacts or save messages
Manage and link your mobile with multimedia features
48. Opera
Internet browser with original features and widgets
49. Firefox
Mozilla Firefox is a modern browser with plenty of plugins
Play movies with high quality and open .MOV files
Play mobile phone videos on computer or preview it
Create data CD/DVD or burn audio CD
Create backup or virtual images for files and burn them
54. AIMP
Play audio files including MP3. A lot of skins
Convert MP4 video to MP3 audio
Audio to mp3, wav and other file formats
Convert audio or video files to audio format
All codecs to play any video and video file
Latest virus definitions available VDF/IVDF
60. jetAudio
Complex audio editor and CD burner
61. DC ++
Connect to hublist and start sharings and uploads
62. 7-Zip
Performant archivator software. Compress and decompress 7z,tar,zip
63. BearShare
Share files,get or upload picture,videos and music with friends
Software for Logitech mice/mouse and keyboard
Make animations with step by step frames
Software to test internet bandwidth speed and computer hardware response
67. Safari
Powerful browser developed by Apple
Music mixer with decks and effects
69. Mixxx
Professional DJ software for free
Online messaging using webcam to see other person
An IP blocker for P2P protection against malware accesses
Driver tu run a lot of applications
Basic music mixer for beginners
74. Zulu DJ
Mix musicand act as a DJ, record and broadcast creations
Faster downloads from files, manage or schedule downloads
Active firewall protection and antivirus or malware features
Find details about processor,memory,drives and other components for your computer
78. RealVNC
Access a computer from another location via Internet
79. AIM
America Online Messenger to communicate with friends
80. CPU-Z
View informations about CPU,motherboard,memory and computer stats
Shortcuts to desktop folders on Windows
Is a searcher for internet pages and a good alternative as browser
83. eMule
File sharing client related to eDonkey2000 network
Manage Samsung mobile phone from PC
View .pps images and presentations
86. CCleaner
Clean cookies,temporary and history files with one single application
Allow to play audio,video and multimedia applications
88. BumpTop
3D desktop organizer
89. FileZilla
Transfer files via Internet using port 21
Spyware and antivirus to repair infected computers
91. UltraVNC
Get access from Internet to another computer from a viewer
Anti-spyware and antivirus made by Lavasoft
Convert doc or Word files in PDF documents
94. Zapgrab
Capture portions of screen
Use widgets to enhance your destop with usefully small applications
96. Notepad++
A text code editor in Windows. Edit HTML, PHP, C++
97. ZoneAlarm
Defend against network intruders and block unauthorized access
98. IrfanView
Most popular image viewer in the World
99. SpeedFan
Monitor hardware and change temperature,fan speeds
100. 3DMark
Test computer capabilities and analyze results to find weak and strong points
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