Here can find programs for benchmark and other useful applications for software developers .Many items are for general use (not just for experts or computer engineers).

Free Tool for managing SQL Server 2005
Free Powerful database
Free Server database manager
Free Monitor hardware and change temperature
Free Test computer capabilities and analyze
Free Test your computer and compare results
Free Make Java applications
Free Test and compare software and hardware
Free Make kit installers for Windows software
Free rsclient Type and click jobs maked
Trial Software developers protect
Trial Tool for experienced programmer to save
Trial Connect and run queries on database
Trial Java applet to calculate GST HST and
Trial Editor for javaScript PHP HTML Make
Trial Transfer data between different
Trial The data export and scripting utility
Trial Work with Oracle PL SQL database
Trial Database manager with many functions Is
ActiveX that can send download manage
August 4, 2014
Send download manage and parse mail
July 29, 2014
DHCP TFTP DNS SNTP and Syslog servers
July 23, 2014
Manager and interface for MySQL and
July 22, 2014
Web interface to manage MySQL databases
July 22, 2014
Easy to use and advanced manager for
July 22, 2014
Run a LAMP web server on local computer
July 22, 2014
Create queries for SQL Access Oracle
May 22, 2014
Connect and manage database run queries
May 22, 2014
Interface to manage databases
May 22, 2014
Send, download, manage and parse mail. SMTP, POP3, IMAP, SSL
ActiveX that can send, download, manage and parse mail via SMTP, POP3, IMAP, SSL
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